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Fandom: White Collar/The Blacklist
Pairing: None
Characters: Neal, Peter, Raymond Reddington, Dembe, OFC, OMC
Genre/ Warning: h/c, angst, kidnapping, human trafficking,
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG

Crossover: White Collar/ The Blacklist
Author´s notes:  This story was written for the April Amnesty Challenge in the h/c Bingo and is a sequel to ´The collector´, which you can find on my AO3 or LJ. I guess you need to read that story first, be warned that ´The collector´ is explicit.
The challenge was : submit one fill crossing over two or more fandoms, using one prompt or combine two, three or all four out of your strip.
The prompts were: trapped together, loss of voice, forced to face fear, poltergeist.
The story can also be read on my AO3.

Word Count: ~ 4300

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine…
#67 on Red´s Blacklist is a woman nicknamed ´Mommy´

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Next chapter of the collector is the most explicit until now, so be warned, this chapter describes non consensual and BDSM acts, if you don´t like this kind of thing, please don´t read.

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Just before the weekend, another chapter. As always warnings can be found in chapter 1.

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Here is a new chapter of The collector.
Again, for warnings, please check out chapter 1 of the story.
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If you want to read the warnings for tis story, please go to chapter 1.

The story continues here:
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No reactions on my poll, so I will just continue as I was...

Warnings can be found in chapter 1.

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