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OK, here is the new card... great prompts, but as always, I am open to suggestions, so lets hear it. What do you want to read?

Give me prompts, prequels, sequels, timestamps to previous stories, bring it on... Round 8 of H/C Bingo is a go! And I am aiming for a blackout.

de-age drugged experiments by evil scientists loss of possessions tentacles
assault allergic reaction alien abduction deals with demons hypoglycemia / low blood sugar
atonement attacked by a creature WILD CARD medication captivity
asphyxiation forgiveness sacrifice heat exhaustion / heat stroke kidnapping
combat headaches / migraines body image issues exhaustion secret identity discovered

Date: 2017-06-16 02:21 pm (UTC)
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A lovely card lots of potential
deal with demon :- Neal making the deal with Hagen
atonement Neal doing some social work in Paris after he feels guilty about faking his death
Exhaustion Peter is over worked after office and baby duty
Peter and Neal look very worried after seeing this card :D


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